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What are you craving, really?

Hint: it's not the alcohol itself.  Go deeper.

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In early sobriety, I remember often saying to Dom, “I’m craving a drink!”

“But that’s not the truth,” he always reminded me. “What are you really craving?”

It was a question he’d heard me ask my beautiful clients many times, encouraging them to dig deeper into what was really going on for them.

It’s a question I talk about in A Happier Hour, inside the Sexy Sobriety program, and regularly on social media.  And every time I do, I hear dozens more women talk about how much this question has helped them - just as it has helped me - get to the truth of what they’re truly craving and what they truly need.

Because, if we’re honest, it was never about the alcohol itself.  It was that we wanted to FEEL (or NOT feel) a certain way.

When we begin to break this down, we come to understand how powerful this process can be - of not only understanding what it is we need deep down, but to help us create an action plan that liberates us.  That frees us from going around and around in circles in the same old patterns.

Many women have also ask me how they can explore this further.  How they can determine what it is they crave when they have no idea.

And I totally get this.  In early sobriety, I remember sobbing one day, and Dom saying, “What’s WRONG? Use your words!”  But so many of these emotions were so completely unfamiliar to me - I couldn’t even NAME the emotions I was feeling, never mind understand or articulate what it was they could be signalling.

And so I wanted to share with you the steps I took - and continue to take - to dig deeper into my head, heart and soul.  This 4-step process can be used again and again, whenever we feel a craving for ANYTHING outside of ourselves - whether that’s alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, shopping, or social media scrolling.

I hope it helps you too. x

With all my love,

“ Deep down, I knew it wasn’t actually the alcohol itself. So what was it? That feeling of letting loose; of wild abandon? Or the sense of connection I thought I got when I drank with people? Was I really craving more fun, adventure, affection, and freedom in my life? “

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